Student Exchange to La Crosse

The friendship between Luoyang and La Crosse also extends to students traveling between the two cities. Select students from the Luoyang No. 2 Foreign Language school will come to La Crosse and stay with host families for 2 weeks in January-February 2019. The students will attend middle school while in La Crosse and participate in many other district and regional activities. This year there will be 23 middle school students traveling to La Crosse, and we will host Simon at our home. We had a chance to meet with Simon and his parents on Sunday over lunch and it was delightful. One of the English teachers from the school also joined us, as Simon’s parents can not speak English. We shared pictures and stories about our homes and lives and found we had a great deal in common. Samantha Parkhurst at Logan Middle School organizes the student exchange trip and has identified that there are 2 students who still need host families for this upcoming exchange. Please consider this great opportunity and let Samantha or me know if you are interested in hosting a student.

The family presented us with a gift during this lunch that blew us away. Simon’s grandmother is a well-known painter for the the Chinese Artists’ Association and created a beautiful painting of peony flowers for us to take home. Such generosity and we truly feel like we have extended our family!

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