Elementary Students

The primary school is for students in grades 1-6. There is both a residential and daily option, with some students going home each day and others staying in dormitories from Monday-Friday. There are over 2000 students at the primary school, and it is a colorful, active environment. We observed an English class and participated in a community class, which was a creative art class. Students were making peony flowers out of paper plates, and others were practicing calligraphy. Leah was seated by a very helpful student, who was able to communicate all of the directions very clearly. I tried to create a calligraphy piece that symbolizes happiness, and although I was happy to do it, I need a lot more practice. In addition to creating art, students put on amazing performances for us, with traditional clothing, singing, dancing, and music. The smaller classroom pictures are from a fifth grade class called, Good English. The students were reading an English text and working to identify new vocabulary, emotions of the characters and overall comprehension. They then had a chance to act out their favorite parts of the story. It was so delightful. Emma, one of the teachers, told me that drama class/club was very popular with the students. It was quite evident that there are some up and coming actors and actresses from this class!

2 thoughts on “Elementary Students

  1. Is the peony the flower of Luoyang? One of my new friends from my meditation class here in Rochester, MN is from China. She spent the first 8 years of her life in Luoyang before moving to Beijing – a small world indeed! Love, Mom


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