High School Students

There are only 11 students in the high school. The school is a private, international school, and the students will only attend grade 10 here in China. They will then go abroad to a high school in Canada to complete their last 2 years of high school. I teach science for them Tuesday-Friday, and the content is integrated to include many branches of science focusing on specific applications to British Columbia. We are currently finishing an ecology unit, and will move on to chemistry next…yes, I am looking forward to it! The entire curriculum is in English, and the students work very hard to learn the material. Their homework is usually several hours of reading and writing to build comprehension. They way they interact with the textbook is very similar to many of the AVID strategies we use at the high schools in the La Crosse School District, such as annotating, writing margin questions and summarizing passages. The students are very focused and academic, and also fun, which is an environment I really enjoy. I can only hope the students feel the same.

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