Middle School Students

The middle school includes grades 7, 8, and 9.  The grade levels are also referenced as J1 for seventh grade, J2 for eighth grade, and J3 for ninth grade.  Most of the classes have 50-55 students in them and the classrooms have about the same amount of space as classrooms in the United States that have 20-25 students (or even fewer).  The students have been a joy to meet and have been extremely helpful while we are teaching.  I have had several small-group conversations with J3 students about the periodic table and chemical reactions, and they have been very interested in learning how to use English to explain the chemistry they are learning.  Wesley has been very popular with students, and has participated in classes, lunch discussions, recreational basketball and PE class.  The students are interested in hearing about his school day and his interests and have told me on many occasions how handsome he is.  He was able to go to class with Leah  today and did an example math problem (he brought his math book from Longfellow to keep up on his homework) on the front board at the request of a student, and the student then reciprocated and gave an example of a math problem he was working on.  It is so powerful to see students learning from and accepting one another with so little introduction.  What a nice visual reminder that it truly is a small world after all.

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