The School Campus

The No. 2 Foreign Language school is for grades 7-10.  It is a residential school so students stay on campus from Sunday night to Friday.  The buildings are laid out so students of the same grade stay together, and there are beautiful walking paths that connect the buildings.  Students share the cafeteria, the athletic fields and courts, and the library.  We often hear music playing across campus in between classes.  Students spend the majority of their days in classes, with breaks incorporated throughout for outside physical activity time.  The school has taken great care to create an inviting school community for their students.  We find ourselves taking the “long way” back to our apartment and when we go to eat in the cafeteria, and we often find new paths without even looking for them.  Wesley and I were talking about how it feels as though we are walking on a college campus rather than a middle/high school campus.  Speaking of college similarities, the school mascot here is Erik the baby eagle.  Hmmm…maybe he is getting ready to go to La Crosse for college?

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