Old Town

Jessica and Judy took us on a tour of an area in Luoyang that is referred to as old town, which was built/rebuilt only 3 years ago in an effort to preserve and educate people about life here in the past.  It was beautiful.  There were shops with all kinds of traditional merchandise, including colorful scarves, artwork (such as the painted rocks in the picture) and calligraphy demonstrations.  There were food vendors making and selling many different types of food, including one man with his display of edible scorpions, crabs, and centipedes.  No one in our group tried any of these (yet?).  Some of the buildings were hotels, so tourists could stay right in old town.  There was a bride and groom having their pre-wedding photos taken while we were there, and just down the walkway there was a boy practicing for a performance.  Jessica mentioned how different it looks at night when all of the red lanterns are lit up, and that it would be worthwhile to go back again to see.  I can certainly see how this would attract visitors and help others learn about the history of Luoyang.

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