We have decided that serving food on a table with a large “lazy susan” is something more of us should do.  We have eaten three meals out since we arrived Saturday, and two have been served this way.  It is such a nice way to focus on the relationships you have with one another.  We have had amazing food, plenty of which has been vegan.  There is a method of cooking cauliflower that has all of us in awe and spinning the lazy susan to bring the dish back within reach.  And then there was the duck.  Wesley and Leah both tried it and thought it was okay, yet they preferred the other dishes.  Like the eggplant, we have to talk about the eggplant…this is not like eggplant I have ever had.  It was crispy on the outside with a hint of sweetness, it was so good (shown in the top right picture with the exquisite garnish).  We are hoping for a cooking lesson before we leave, and then we will have you all over when we get back.


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