Apartment Living

Be present for all things and thankful for all things.  –Maya Angelou

We are living in an apartment right on the campus of the middle school, which is the No. 2 Foreign Language School. Exchange teachers do most of their teaching here, which is with grades 7-9. I will also have the chance to teach science classes at the high school, which is a separate campus. Our apartment is roomy and convenient, and includes a washing machine and 2 bedrooms. Although we have not used the kitchen to cook, it has a refrigerator, hot plate, toaster oven and microwave. There is a family from Montana living in our building who is in their second year teaching here, and when I visited them this morning the dad was making french toast on the hot plate for his wife and two boys, ages 2 and 6. The school stocked our refrigerator before we arrived with fruit and water and left snacks for us. Wesley has already tested out the Oreos and gives his approval. The beautiful flowers on the table were given to us upon arrival at the airport yesterday. And although I can not read the Chinese characters on the heater, I am grateful the numbers are in English and that I know how to convert Celsius to Farenheit because a little heat was needed last night.

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